KS2 SATs Papers

KS2 SATs Papers are tests taken by children in year 6 as part of their National Curriculum Assessments.
Key Stage 2 SATs Papers for each of the SATs subject areas can be found here:

The KS2 SATs Papers are the culmination of their primary school work and whilst it is important to explain that the SATs results are used to access the teaching of your child’s school, there can be no escaping the fact that the scores your child achieves will be used by secondary schools in any setting or support planning.

In addition, teachers are required to provide teacher assessments in the National Curriculum subjects.

In May 2013, children were graded on a separate grammar, spelling and punctuation test, sometimes called S.P.A.G, standing for Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar.

From 2014 Science SATs tests were no longer taken by children. They are to be replaced by a new Science sampling arrangement.

If your child is exceptionally bright they may be entered for what is known as Level 6 SATs tests. Level 6 tests were added in 2012 as a way of stretching more able pupils. They are not mandatory, indeed not all schools run them. The decision to register a child for level 6 SATS tests has to be made and submitted to DfES by 21st March 2014.

Levels 6 tests are taken in maths, reading and grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Our FREE KS2 SATs Papers and Level Thresholds can  be found by navigating the left hand menu for each subject.

KS2 SATs are the only SATs to be taken as externally marked tests and as such are considered to be much more stressful that KS1 SATs. For tips and advice for how to handle SATs in the months, weeks and days before take a look at our blog post “KS2 SATs: How to help your child prepare for KS2 SATs” which shows how KS2 SATs Papers are extremely helpful.

KS2 SATs Papers