KS1 SATs Papers

KS1 SATs Papers were taken as formal exams in 2003 and 2004 in Maths and English.

However, it was soon realised that such formal exams for year 2 pupils added unnecessary pressure on young children of 7 years old. As a result from 2005 onwards formal KS1 SATs papers in year 2 are no longer taken. Instead your child’s class teacher will assess ks1 sats papers, using a variety of tests and observations, to see what level of attainment your child has reached.

Whilst children no longer take Year 2 SATs papers, the past KS1 SATs papers taken by pupils are extremely relevant in preparing your child for their KS1 teacher assessments.

Since 2005, teacher assessments have covered English, Maths and Science. These assessments monitor how your child has performed in their KS1 tasks and tests: Reading, writing (including spelling and handwriting), maths (including number, shape, space and measurement) and science. Your child’s class teacher will set short pieces of work in English and maths to assess their level of ability.

The tasks and tests are taken at a time of the school’s choice, it is likely your child may not even know they are doing them. The teacher assessments are usually performed throughout May, so it can help to give your child sight of old KS1 SATs Papers, but at this stage it really isn’t necessary. It is helpful if you try not to plan to take your year 2 child out of school at this time.
The results are not formally reported but are used to help to ensure your child is set appropriate work for the next year.

KS1 SATs Complete Support Pack

Our KS1 SATs Complete Support Pack contain Study Guides for both English and Maths which details all the content your child will be assessed on, Question Books so as your child can practise exercises and finally a bumper pack of test papers.


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