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Give your child the headstart they deserve with confidence in Past SATs Papers before their SATs tests in May 2015.
Here we have the most comprehensive selection of SATs Papers you will find to support your child.

SATs Papers for
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SATS Papers

SATs Papers for a Head Start

SATs Papers for FREE download and all provided to help your child go into the exam room with confidence in May 2015.

SATS Papers timetable

When are SATs? The PROVISIONAL SATS dates for 2015 are below.

3-5 tests
6 tests
Mon 11th May 2015English – Reading Test (60 mins)English – Reading Test (10 + 50 mins)
12th May 2015
– Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling Test
– Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling Test
Wed 13th May 2015Maths – Mental Mathematics Test (20 mins)Maths – Mathematics Paper 1 (45 mins NO
No level 6 tests timetabled for this day
14th May 2015
– Mathematics Paper 2 (45 mins NO
– Paper 1 (30 mins No calculator)Maths – Paper 2 (30 mins Calculator available)

SATs Papers have changed

Here we have all the SATs past papers, plus SATs papers of the new for UK 2014 SATs Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar Papers (SPAG). FREE for UK download.

SATs Papers are only now set formally for Key Stage 2 and this year, 2015, only in English and Maths.

Other changes to 2015 SATs are;

  • Science Sampling

    Science sampling tests will be set for a random selection of 5 children from 1500 schools, the results will not be made known. As a result Science SATs papers will not be set for all year 6 children in 2015.

  • Calculator Ban

    A ban on the use of calculators in some tests (which is significant in how you prepare your child for the exams). The level 3 to 5 Maths SATs papers (which is the ones most children sit), will not allow calculators in 2015. A calculator will however be allowed for the harder level 6 maths SATs paper.

  • New format Reading Test

    A new format reading test with a full hour to read and answer questions is being put in place in 2015, so time planning is important.

  • ...and don’t forget

    a continuation of the changes made last year to focus on spelling, punctuation and grammar in the English SATS Papers.

Perfect SATs Papers for 2015

Do be aware that many of the past SATs Papers freely available on-line do not reflect the changes which have been made to 2015 papers.

Each of these specially prepared SATs Paper Packs contains papers in the exact format that your child will sit in May 2015. The real value of these packs is the psychological advantage it gives your child.

The SATs papers are neatly stapled into booklets just like the real thing, with a front cover with space for your child’s name, again just like the real thing. They aren’t just laid out like the real thing, they feel and almost smell like the real thing!

Unlike the real thing you also get an answer book which explains where and why marks are awarded. This is invaluable! We recommend you go through this with your child and YOU will have an enormous effect on their confidence for the real SATs Papers.

SATs Papers Practice Packs
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