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Following the accidental publication of a live Key Stage 1 (KS1) test, the school’s minister Nick Gibbs issued this statement:
“To remove any uncertainty and clarify the situation for schools, I have decided that we will remove the requirement on them to administer the KS1 grammar, punctuation and spelling test for this year only”

SATS Papers for KS2 English help with Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar

FREE SATs Papers for a Head Start

SATs (Standard Assessment Tests) are tests set to assess your child’s progress and also monitor the teaching and learning in your school.

SATs Papers are available for FREE download and all provided to help your child go into the exam room with confidence in May 2016. Free online downloads are a great way to help your child prepare for the SATs tests. This increases familiarity and reduces any tension your child may experience, especially as the format can be quite daunting for children who are not used to formally laid out exams. Since 2004 we have made all past papers freely available to help in preparing your child for these tests.

Key Stage 1 SATs Papers

At Key Stage 1 (KS1) or year 2 as it is known SATs Papers have been reintroduced after over 10 years of teacher assessment This will take place from 2016 in year 2 (at the end of infants) in May. Each child is tested in reading, spelling, punctuation and grammar and maths. Due to the Department for Education’s poor management of versions (ie the one released as a sample was going to be used in the real test) the Spelling test for KS1 2016 has now been abandoned.

Samples of the new papers can be found here.
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Key Stage 2 SATs Papers

Key Stage 2 (KS2) or year 6 as they are known SATs take place in May and are far more formal than Key Stage 1, hence they seem much more stressful! The tests which are taken in year 6 cover core subjects, English and Maths.

Very bright children used to be assessed by teachers to see if they should be entered for what were called ‘Level 6 SATs’ in addition to the level 3 to 5 SATs Papers which all children took. From 2016 all children will take the same papers, designed to stretch the brightest and children will be scored with 100 being average and over 100 being above average. This means that no calculators will be allowed in any Maths papers and all children will be exposed to what used to be called the ‘level 6′ questions, which are pretty tough.

The papers are still sent away to be marked with results being available before your child leaves primary school in July.
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SATs tests have changed

Here we have all the SATs past papers, plus FREE SATs papers of the new for UK 2016 SATs Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar Papers (SPAG). FREE for UK download.

SATs tests are now set formally for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 and this year, 2016, only in English and Maths. KS1 English tests in Spelling, Grammar and Punctauation have been abandoned due to the disclosure of the paper but will be back for 2017.

Other changes to 2016 SATs are;

SATs KS2 2016 timetable

When are SATs? The PROVISIONAL SATS dates for 2016 are below.

DateAll children
Mon 9th May 2016English Reading test, reading booklet and associated answer booklet.
10th May 2016
English – Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling Test
Paper 1- Short answer questions
Paper 2- Spelling test
Wed 11th May 2016Maths -
Paper 1 arithmetic test.
Paper 2 reasoning.
12th May 2016
Paper 3 reasoning
  • Science Sampling

    Science sampling SATs Papers were set in 2014 for a random selection of 5 children from 1500 schools, the results were not be made known. As a result Science SATs papers will not be set for all year 6 children in 2016 and sampling will be repeated.

  • Calculator Ban extended to all KS2 papers

    A ban on the use of calculators in some tests (which is significant in how you prepare your child for the exams). The calculator ban was brought in for level 3 to 5 Maths SATs papers in 2015 and now as the split level papers are no longer taken the ban has been extended to all Maths SATs papers at KS2.

  • New format Reading Test

    A new format reading test with a full hour to read and answer questions was put in place in 2015 which has been extended for 2016, so time planning is important. If you are using older SATs Papers as tests, do change the instructions on the SATs Papers.

  • ...and don’t forget a continuation of last year’s changes

    to focus on spelling, punctuation and grammar in the English SATS Papers, with 2 out of the 3 2016 English SATs papers covering this area. This is a key area where past SATs Papers can give extra help.